Baton Rouge Personal Injury Lawyer

When you purchase a new product, it should be safe to use. The instructions for operating the product should be written clearly, and you should be warned of any hazards related it. If you have followed such instructions to the letter and have still suffered injury after using a product, you do have legal rights. Product liability law gives consumers the right to hold the parties responsible for designing, manufacturing, or selling a product accountable. To get the compensation you are entitled to, you should hire an injury law firm in Baton Rouge.

The Responsible Parties

One of the first things your attorney will establish is the party responsible for putting a defective product in consumer hands. Each product that is sent into the marketplace must meet the ordinary expectations of the consumer. Any product that is dangerous for consumers to operate fails to meet this requirement.

Your lawyer will undertake an investigation into the parties involved with the production and sale of the product. It may be the case that multiple parties knew of the danger presented by the product but took no action to stop it from being sold to the public. In such instances, claims can be made against multiple parties.

Any of the parties in the distribution chain can be held liable for product related injuries. These include:

  • The product manufacturer
  • Component parts manufacturer
  • An outsourced assembler
  • A wholesaler
  • A retailer

The Best Lawyer

The Hallack Law Office employs Baton Rouge LA defective product attorneys with significant experience and expertise in this field. Product liability law is a highly specialized field. You need an injury law firm in Baton Rouge with the competence and insight to handle these kinds of cases. You will be going up against one or more large corporations. The Baton Rouge LA defective product attorneys of the Hallack Law Office know how to fight and win against such organizations.