Baton Rouge Pharmaceutical Malpractice Attorneys

You expect the medication prescribed to you to relieve your pain and suffering. You do not expect it to cause you even more problems. Unfortunately, this is often the effect of taking prescription medication. And if you have suffered serious harm from such drugs, then you should hire a lawyer.

Pharmaceutical malpractice suits tend to stem from product defect, long-term side effects of the drug, and improper prescription of the medication. Pharmaceutical companies can be held liable for the first two of these types of failures.

It is important to remember that the pharmaceutical industry is driven by profits. Although there are strict rules and procedures in place to protect the public against defective products, many companies cut corners and rush drugs to market without knowing their potential effects. The latter can range from acute allergic reaction to chemical dependency.

Indeed, some of the more powerful painkillers on the market have been identified as contributing to the opioid addiction crises. And the companies responsible for producing and selling them have been the subject of lawsuits. The potency of these pain killers and the inadequate warnings given by the companies that pushed them has been deemed a form of pharmaceutical malpractice.

The Legal Road to Compensation

If you have been the victim of pharmaceutical malpractice, hiring a lawyer who specializes in this area of law is the first step to getting justice. The Baton Rouge medical malpractice attorneys at Hallack Law Office will sit down with you and gather as much information as you can provide about the medications you were prescribed.

The attorneys will then determine the company responsible for the producing the medication, the nature of the product defect, and how exactly it has led to the ruin of your health. The Baton Rouge medical malpractice attorneys at Hallack Law Office will assemble the evidence and expert witnesses needed to press the pharmaceutical company into offering a fair settlement.