Workplace injuries that happen offshore in various occupations are not standard workers’ compensation cases. They are typically covered by the Jones Act of 1920, also known as the Merchant Marine Act. Guidelines for benefits payable from offshore work injuries are considerably different from standard workers compensation because employers are not generally exempt from paying general damages for long-term impact of the injury on the victim worker. In addition, cases are processed through the federal court system instead of a particular state system. This means the parameters of benefit allowance are uniform for all workers across all industries that operate on the high seas. State compensation programs differ from one to the other and can be inconsistent. However, offshore and maritime injuries are often more difficult claims because of potential value, and it always takes experienced attorneys those the professionals at Hallack Law Office Baton Rouge injury lawyers to represent the case.

Declaration of a Jones Act Injury

One of the first problems associated with an offshore or maritime injury is a declaration that the Jones Act applies to the claim because some companies operating in international waters can still be based on shore in some manner. In addition, the shipping industry per se is not the only inclusion. The circumstances of the injury or accident can matter, and many times this can result in a maritime claim.


Medical benefits are covered with offshore injuries just as in a stateside work injury claim, but whole wages are typically replaced as well as other compensatory items. This distinction is significant when compensation is being pursued because wage replacement is not assessed as a percentage as in land-based workers compensation claims and general damages can apply with no time restrictions. Claim values can be much higher than realized by the injured worker.

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