Baton Rouge Workers’ Compensation Attorney


One never expects to be hurt at work. But sometimes it happens. If you are injured on the job, it is essential that you seek a lawyer who is highly knowledgeable in workplace accidents and workers’ compensation matters to protect your rights.

At the Hallack Law Office, we have three decades of experience representing clients who have been hurt doing their job. The way we see it, if you were hurt on the job, your employer is responsible for your lost wages and bills. If you do not have health insurance, a workers’ compensation claim may be the only way to pay for costly medical bills, which add up quickly when you are critically hurt. Let us advocate for you with our workers’ compensation experience.

Solid Defense For Workers’ Compensation Cases

There are strict procedural guidelines when handling workers’ compensation claims. An injured worker needs to offer only these details of the case for us to start our work:

  • Prove that they sustained an injury in the course and scope of their work to show entitlement to benefits, which consists of medical and wage benefits.
  • Show that it happened at work; they do not have to prove that someone was at fault or negligent for causing the injury.

We know the intricacies necessary for filing on-the-job injury claims. We are familiar with Louisiana laws, administrative and workers’ comp appeal processes and the nuances of successful cases. We will strive to settle all matters efficiently. Our seasoned lawyer keeps up-to-date on this special area of law and will fight for you. Your future depends on it.

Let Us Review Your Workplace Injury Details In A Free Evaluation

Schedule a free initial consultation to speak with our attorney in Baton Rouge about your employment injury. You will not receive a bill unless we recover compensation. Call and talk to attorney Hallack at 225-291-4357 or send us your request online.