METFORMINIf you’re like me and you are one the millions of Americans who have Type II Diabetes and have been taking Metformin Extended Release (ER), you should know that the FDA has ordered a recall of Metformin ER. On June 11, 2020, the FDA announced that five companies would be recalling Metformin ER after testing revealed unacceptable levels of a cancer-causing agent, NDMA. NDMA (Nitrosodimethylamine) is a known human carcinogen.

The five manufacturers who have recalled their products for having NDMA are: Apotax Corporation, Amneal Pharmaceuticals, Time-Cap Labs, Lupin Pharmaceuticals, and Teva Pharmaceuticals. If your Metformin ER was made by one these manufacturers, you should take action immediately. NDMA has been known to cause cancer in the liver, pancreas, kidney, bladder, stomach, colon and ovaries.

The first thing you should do is consult with your physician who had prescribed the Metformin ER to: 1) change your medication to a safe alternative; and 2) talk to them about possible cancer evaluation. Most alternatives will simply be Metformin without the extended release. Without the extended release, you will likely have to take it at least two times during the day. Evaluation for possible cancer will begin with a brief history, physical examination and blood work.

Already, lawsuits have been filed by patients who have been potentially harmed by the contaminated Metformin ER. If you have been taking Metformin ER and are concerned and believe that you have been harmed, please contact our office.